Monday, 23 January 2012

Richard Billingham, UWE

"MUM that gorilla's eating it's own sick!"
I hadn't noticed, I thought it was an orange.

We went to see Richard Billingham talk at UWE in Bristol with Molly and Zoe. It was really interesting to hear how he talked about his work. I can't remember everything but some good stuff like the photos are images not documentary and getting composition from painting (he originally began taking photographs at home to use to paint from), experimenting with flash, cheap cameras,  how people to react to a camera, how people react to photography in the art world. At times it felt like he was describing someone else's work as he had quite a strange manner of talking, he seemed like a super nice guy just a bit shy, and maybe bored of giving talks about his work. Very bizarre for me to sit in another university in a different class and have a lecture. 
I really liked his work on zoos, he filmed the animals for ages and exhibited the films. Reminds me of my seahorses project. He also said "I looked at other artist's work to see what I didn't want to do." which I thought was practical. He showed us some new work of landscapes which was really interesting. Always always value going to see what somebody actually says about their work rather than filling in the gaps your self from things you can read online or in books.

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